Paris Bathroom Sets

Paris Bathroom Sets | Britain provides extensive to resolve when ever it comes to state housing. I had a friend that lived on the council estate which has been clearly made to remind the inhabitants of their station in life. The buildings were pre-war dark bricked edifices with narrow stair wells and dark corners. The waist-high walls with the wind-swept corridors were brick and punctuated every few meters with a small opening covered in iron bars. Every time I visited this friend I would leave feeling quite depressed and breathed a sigh of relief when I got in to my humble but well lit and open home a number of miles away.

So you can imagine my surprise when on visiting Bolzano – a tiny alpine town in Italy, I discovered that their state housing looked similar to a personal block that you could find in the greater aspects of London.

The buildings had light coloured exteriors and large balconies, covered in window baskets and so the tenants could fill these with colour. And this they did with gusto. They were lovely and check out show that basic things must not be unattractive understanding that as we invested added time in good design we are able to lift the spirits of people less fortunate than ourselves.

I noticed the same thing with another latin proponent of fine design. This time it was a Spanish Bathroom manufacturer called Roca, who’s basic 4 Piece Bathroom set referred to as Roca Polo implies that basic does not have to mean unattractive, or lacking quality. The simple toilet and basin are already made to look nice in basically any environment but weren’t over engineered, so they’re still eminently affordable.

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So there it’s. Manufacturers and architects please note. Good design makes people happy. End of rant.